Wireless Home Security Systems Provide Increased Value and Safety

Wireless Security Alarm Home Systems

Wireless home security systems are better than hardwired systems in particular circumstances – namely where you want to save money and have flexibility over the location of your sensors, control panels and associated gadgetry. A wireless system is exactly what it sounds like – rather than wires connecting the sensors to the central nervous system of your alarm setup, each zone has wireless senders and receivers in it, which relay messages back to the alarm control.

Otherwise, a wireless system is pretty much the same as a hardwired one. You can set it up so that it alerts the emergency services when it is triggered – and the more you spend on it, the more sophisticated that alert will be. For instance, you could get a top of the range wireless system capable of alerting the police for break ins, the fire department for fires and so on. Or you can keep on saving money and get a basic system, which alerts you when it goes off and lets you make your own decision about what to do next.

Home CCTV Ireland security system sales show a leaning towards wireless home security where homeowners rent or move frequently – or where the home security system has been an afterthought rather than a first priority. Your neighbourhood may go downhill, or you may have a break in and decide that you don’t want to repeat the situation. You can also find that homeowners decide to install a wireless system once their insurance requests that they do so.

A security system pays for itself simply in terms of damage limitation. By having a system that can warn you of a break in, you are less likely to be broken into in the first place. By having a system that warns you immediately if there is a fire, or a rise on CO2, or flooding, you can significantly cut down on repair bills – and your insurance company should be much happier about paying out.

Technically speaking, if your home is insured and you have an approved alarm system installed, then all damages will be fully covered by your insurer (as long as those types of damages are listed in the policy in the first place). In which case even the specification of your wireless system can be easy, Rather than having to listen to the endless drone of a wireless home security system sales person as he or she goes on and on about this type of pressure pad, and that kind of sensor, you just ask your insurance company for a list of the things your system needs to comply with, hand it to the shop and get them to sell you a system that does everything your insurer wants it to do.

Home security system sales don’t have to be restricted to “bad” neighbourhoods or places where there is a real threat of burglary, for the reasons just outlined. Also, of course, you don’t have to live in a neighbourhood where burglary is common to get burgled. In all cases it is better to be safe than it is to be sorry.